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What Julia Reis Consulting really is about - updating our brand identity

By Julia Reis

Over four years have passed since I founded Julia Reis Consulting in April 2019. While our brand identity has served us well since then, we thought it was time to a revision to see whether it still reflected our current work and what we stand for. 

Our mission and vision

Defining your mission and vision can be an artificial exercise - decoupled from your actual daily work. We wanted to make sure that this was not happening to us. 

Instead, our vision and mission should serve as our “north stars”, guiding our strategy and daily decision-making. 

To develop them, we reflected, brainstormed and discussed these questions: 

    For our vision

  • What does the world or our product look like when we achieved it?
  • Where do we stand in 5 or 10 years?

     For our mission

  • What are we trying to achieve? 
  • Why do we exist? 
  • What are the core problems we are trying to solve? 

It took us much longer than anticipated to come up with our final wordings - actually around half a year. But we felt like it was worth the wait. So let us present to you our new brand identity: 

Our vision is that all organisations committed to reach their goals can successfully navigate times of talent scarcity.

While initially you might read a focus on talent acquisition into this statement, we have a much broader perspective. Take this formula:

Output = Number of team members x productivity of these team members.

In order to reach your goals, you can either increase the size of your team or increase the productivity of each team member. We strive to support our clients with both.

It is our mission to enable founders, leaders and people professionals to build better organisations.
What are better organisations?
Those that
…are on a clear path to fulfil their goals,
…consistently attract and retain the talent they need, and
…unleash their teams’ potential with the right tools and ways of collaboration.
In sum, these organisations are thriving.

Our offerings

To fulfil this mission, our work focuses on people strategy and organisational effectiveness at start-ups, VCs and companies with a future-oriented mindset.

In our projects, we take on the role of a consultant, sparring partner or Interim People & Culture Manager / part-time HR professional (managing your people process and executing projects as you need it) - depending on your specific needs.

A role we typically don’t take on is that of a “coach” in the strict sense of the term. We are consultants and love to share our know-how with our clients.

We’ve divided our work into three buckets

You can find more details about each topic area here.

To sum up what we are doing, we use the following slogans - replacing our previous slogan “People. Projects. Productivity.”:

Building better organisations.
People & Organisational Effectiveness Consulting. Hands-on.

The “hands-on” part describes our way of working. We are not just creating fancy slides but actually love to support our clients in bringing our co-created concepts to life and help them build successful organisations.

Our values

We’ve also checked whether our values still remained up-to-date for us. These actually remained stable. We did not feel any need to change them as they still reflected how we collaborate with our clients and internally. They are: 

📞 If the way we describe ourselves and our work seems like you and your organisation could benefit from working with us, don’t hesitate to schedule a free call with our founder Julia to find out more:

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We can’t wait to build better organisations together with you!

June 6, 2023